Everything You Need to Know About TADALAFIL

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Tadalafil is a medication used to treat problems with erection (erectile dysfunction) and signs of an increased prostate (benign prostate expansion). Sometimes, it’s used to treat pulmonary Hypertension (high tension in blood vessels which provide the lungs with blood).

Tadalafil can be purchased by prescription only. It comes in tablets that you can swallow along with water. It can be consumed either with and without meals.

The most important information

  • It can take between 30 and 60 mins for Tadalafil help with Erectile dysfunction. It can be taken daily for at least 30 minutes before you plan to have sexual sex.2.
  • Tadalafil taken on its own will not cause an sexual erection. You must be sexually stimulated in order in order for it to be effective.
  • A majority of men don’t experience any adverse effects due to Tadalafil. However, some people experience slight negative effects. They can experience headaches and back pain, muscle pain as well as the pain of your legs and arms and facial flushes. They can also cause congestion of the nose and stomach, as well as indigestion.
  • Take care not to take tadalafil if also take nitrates, a class of medicines (often prescribed to treat the chest). This combination could result in extremely high blood pressure.
  • Tadalafil can be referred to by one of the generic names Cialis (for erectile dysfunction as well as benign prostatic expansion) as well as Adcirca (for hypertension in the lungs).

Who is able to and who cannot take tadalafil?

Tadalafil is only available by people who are 18 years old and over.

Tadalafil may not be recommended for everyone.

Take tadalafil only when you:

  • Have experienced reactions to an allergen such as tadalafil, or any other medication in the past
  • Are taking nitrates, a type of medicine, to treat chest discomfort.
  • suffer from a serious heart or liver issue
  • Recently, you may have experienced recent accident or cardiac attack
  • Have uncontrolled low blood pressure or uncontrolled high blood pressure.
  • If you have ever had vision loss because of decreased blood flow to your eye

Consult your physician before using tadalafil in the following situations:

  • are sickle cell anaemia (an abnormality in the red blood cell) Leukaemia (cancer that affects blood vessels) and Multiple myeloma (cancer of bone the marrow)
  • Have Peyronie’s Disease (curved penis) or have a similar issue in your penis
  • are suffering from kidney or liver problems.
  • Have a heart condition – your doctor will inform you on whether your heart can endure the stress of having sexual relations.

Where can I get tadalafil?

Tadalafil is only available on prescription.

On the NHS

Tadalafil is available only for Erectile dysfunction only if you suffer from particular medical condition like multiple sclerosis or a spinal injury.

Tadalafil is not on the NHS for treating benign prostate expansion.

Private prescription

If you are not able to meet the NHS guidelines for tadalafil, then you can obtain an independent prescription from a physician. You’ll have to cover the full price of the medication.

What is the best time and place to use it?

It’s crucial to use this medicine according to the directions prescribed by your physician or pharmacist.

Tadalafil tablets are available in various strengths.

Inhale the tablets completely and drink a glass of water. Tablets can be consumed with or without food items.

How much should I spend to treat erectile dysfunction?

Tadalafil is usually taken prior to having sexual relations. Start taking 1 tablet at least 30 mins prior to the time you plan to have sexual relations. Don’t take more than one pill each day.

The most common dose is 10 mg. Your doctor could increase or decrease the dosage depending on how well it performs in your body and the frequency you use it.

The effects could last for longer than 24 hours, which is why you shouldn’t take the 20mg or 10mg tablets daily.

In order for the tablet to function effectively, you must be in a state of sexual excitement.

If you’re on an official prescription for tadalafil to take, you must take the time to read the instructions that come with the medicine attentively. The strength and dosage guidelines may differ.

How much should I pay to treat benign prostate growth?

Tadalafil tablets to treat an over-sized prostate are available as 2.5mg or 5 mg. The recommended dosage is 5 mg daily, once.

Tablets can be used either in the morning or in the evening however, it’s recommended to do the tablet in the same order each day.

The doctor may prescribe an extremely low dose of 2.5mg when you’re having issues, like adverse reactions.

If you’re being treated for benign prostatic enlargement as well as erectile dysfunction, the dosage is 5 mg.

How much should I take to treat the condition of pulmonary hypertension?

Tadalafil tablets to treat pulmonary hypertension are available in 20mg strength.

The standard dose is 40mg. Two 20 mg tablets taken twice each daily. The tablets are huge therefore, it is recommended to take them in succession, one after the next.

If you suffer from liver or kidney issues, your doctor may reduce dosage to 10mg or 20 mg.

What happens if I don’t take it?

If you are:

  • benign prostatic enlargement. Take it when you can remember, and continue with your normal routine
  • Pulmonary hypertension is a condition that can be treated within 8 hours if possible. If you don’t remember it after 8 hours, you can skip the missed dose and then take the next dose in the same manner as you normally do.

Do not take two doses simultaneously. Do not take an additional dose to replace the one you forgot.

If you frequently forget to take your dosages, it might be helpful setting an alarm that will remind you.

It is also possible to seek advice from a pharmacist on ways to ensure you remember to take your medication.

What happens if I take too many?

Doing too much tadalafil accident could cause unpleasant adverse effects, such as:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • indigestion
  • stuffy nose
  • issues with your vision (such such as blurred or shaky vision)

These side effects typically be gone as you stop taking tablets. Speak to your doctor in case you’ve consumed too much tadalafil, and you’re concerned about these adverse reactions.

Side effects

Like other medicines, tadalafil may cause adverse reactions in certain individuals. A lot of people do not experience any adverse effects, or have only minor ones.

Common side effects

Common side effects occur on more than one in 100 patients. The severity of side effects could be more severe with a higher dosage.

If you experience these adverse effects, keep taking the medication however, inform your physician or pharmacist in the event that they are bothering you or don’t go away:

  • headaches
  • feeling sick (nausea)
  • Red or flushed face
  • indigestion
  • stuffy nose
  • Muscle aches

Serious side effects

The risk of serious side effects is very low and are seen in less than one in 1,000 people.

Stop taking tadalafil, and contact an emergency doctor If you notice:

  • chest pains occurs after or during sexual activity, put yourself in the semi-sitting position and attempt to calm yourself (remember that you should not use the nitrates to treat chest pain when taking Tadalafil)
  • long and often painful erections. If you experience an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, see a doctor immediately.
  • A sudden issue in your hearing or eyesight
  • A serious skin reaction symptoms can include red, bumps on your skin, the appearance of red marks (hives) and a swollen face, and swelling around the eyes

Seizures or fits

Acute allergic reaction

In very rare cases in rare instances, tadalafil may cause a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)

These aren’t the only adverse effects of Tadalafil. To get a complete list of side effects read the leaflet included in the packet of medicine.

It is possible to identify any suspected side effect through this Yellow Card safety scheme.

The mother and the baby

Women suffering from pulmonary hypertension could be treated with tadalfil.

If you suffer from hypertension in your lungs, tadalafil should not recommended for use during the course of pregnancy or during nursing.

  • 1.trying to become pregnant
  • 2.pregnant
  • 3.breastfeeding

Beware of other medications

Certain medicines don’t work well with tadalafil.

Consult a physician if you’re taking any of these medications before you begin tadalafil

  • 1.Nitrates to treat chest pain
  • 2.Riociguat is a pulmonary hypertension treatment

Mixing tadalafil and supplements and herbal remedies

Some complementary therapies might contain ingredients that can affect tadalafil’s effectiveness and trigger adverse effects.Aso Tadalafil is the primary element for VIDALISTA 20MG which helps with the men who have problems with erection.

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