How do I look in the Different Nationalities App?

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Instagram is regarded as the home of many famous trends worldwide. There’s a new fad called Instagram Nationality Challenge, and many people are wondering how to accomplish it on Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at the Instagram Nationality Challenge.

What is the Nationality Challenge?

People in this trend make a video of themselves of many ethnicities such as American, Chinese, Indian, and others.

This is accomplished via the “FacePlay” app, available for both Android and iOS. The programme has a library of video templates representing diverse civilizations.

Nationality Challenge on Instagram

Reels’ famous social media challenges are hosted on Instagram. The Nationality Challenge is a new Instagram trend that has lately gained popularity. The project involves developing a video demonstrating how individuals appear in various national costumes, such as American,  Indian, and others, as the name implies. A user can put together various outfit components to record a movie in various outfits from around the world.

Filter And Nationality Challenge App

The Nationality Challenge App is available for free download on the Google Play Store and the App Store. On the other hand, the Nationality challenge is an Instagram challenge in which a person wears various apparel depending on the country. A Nationality challenge Filter is available in the FacePlay app.

How do you do the Instagram Nationality Challenge?

  •  Step 1: Install the “FacePlay” app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: To see a selection of nationality templates, open the app and scroll to the bottom of the For You section. There are many free templates to choose from. It’s critical to understand that paid templates aren’t free. You can only get them if you’re a VIP member.
  • Step 3: Click Add a face and choose a photo after choosing a template. Choose Accept after that.
  • Step 4: Click Begin Making. You must first watch an advertisement to gain access.
  • Step 5: Processing of your video will begin. Save it once the process is complete.

Follow the same steps to create videos for other nationalities. After you’ve finished all of your videos, use a video editor like InShot or CapCut to assemble them. Your editing skills will influence the quality of your video. You can share the video on TikTok,  Instagram, or other social media platforms once it’s finished.

Additional Information on the Instagram Faceplay Trend

Face swapping isn’t exactly a new trend on social media. It’s been around for a while, and a new smartphone application is becoming increasingly popular in this trend. FacePlay is a Face Swap Video software that you may download for free. It recently reached a milestone of 10,000,000 downloads and 97000 reviews.

There are various movie templates available when you first download and use this picture editing software. You may apply the template to your video selfie with a simple click. To join the trend, publish your FacePlay video on social media networks like Instagram after it’s finished.


A user can put together various clothes components to film a video in various outfits from across the world. If that sounds too difficult, there’s always the FacePlay app available for both Android and iOS.

The app now has video templates that allow users to dress up in attire from many civilizations worldwide. Users can simply use the app to fulfil the Nationality Challenge on Instagram.

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