How To Match A Couple’s Outfit That Is Both Sweet And Fashionable?

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We all know that most of the wedding photos will be a couple’s outfit. Many brides told Sister Xiaoxi that there are very few couples outfits in the wedding photography shop, and, emmm, it’s a bit boring. Therefore, this suit is prepared by itself. Most of the popular couple outfits on the market are tacky. The idea is good, no pictures here!

Therefore, many brides say to Sister Xiaoxi, “When can you recommend a couple’s outfit style?” Come on, how can couple outfits be sweet and chic, where can I buy them, let’s talk about it today!

Considering that many brides buy couple outfits for taking pictures, and focus on fun rather than quality, the clothes recommended this time are relatively cheap. If you want to buy a better quality one, you can refer to the collocation rules mentioned by Miss Xiaoxi below to purchase another collocation.

Couples wear ≠ exactly the same

The minimum version of the couple’s outfit is such a set of Taobao-style clothes that are exactly the same in style, pattern and color. Such a couple outfit, refuse!

Also refuse to be a cookie-cutter striped plaid party. This wife has a daily life, and “5 out of 10 people on the road are definitely striped or plaid shirts”, the chance of bumping into shirts is too high, no.

So how should I choose?

1. Adjacent colors

You can see this group of couples’ street photos, which are also based on similar colors. The overall tone is blue. Men’s suits are more lively in blue, and women’s long skirts are retro and quiet.

2. Consistent style

A pair of lovers may have diametrically opposite personalities, but if they show completely different dressing styles, there will be a feeling of detachment.

Similar dressing styles can prove that the two have the same taste, and it is enough to show the tacit understanding of the two. Sister Xiaoxi went to South Korea to play before. Korean couples on the streets all wear the same style of clothes to go shopping, as small as the caps and shoes are the same brand, the same style and different colors, so sweet~

If it’s a sunshine ghost, continue to learn from Jenny Albright. Their clothes are super cute, and the focus is usually on the patterns of the upper body, while the lower body is more concise. Coupled with the blessing of expressions, anyone who sees it thinks that this is a super cute couple.

The higher-end version of the elegant and modern models mainly revolves around black, white and gray. If they are well dressed, they will have a sense of sight of elites and successful people. Fashion blogger Patricia Manfield and her boyfriend Giotto Calendoli’s body, with light gray and black as the main color matching, style is more suitable for some large occasions.

3. A handful of similarities

Couples in the fashion circle wear this way.

Eye-catching husband and wife team Olivia Palermo and husband Johannes Huebl. The white short skirt echoes the other party’s white shirt.

And the same old Japanese couple. Outside the jacket of the same color, there are striped shirts of different thicknesses inside. The same small details are not limited to the upper body. The skirt on grandma’s body and grandpa’s shirt echo each other, and the style is also very coordinated.

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