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If you enjoy rajkotupdates.news games :garena free fire and pubg india and want to know the most recent news, loot offers, and how to obtain them, this post will be helpful to you.

The most recent information on pubg mobile and free fire will be provided in this post. New deals for these two games are discussed in this article. There is also information about diamond offers, ff coins, firearms, and ff awards. These particulars are disclosed to the contest and ff redeem code.

Rajkotupdates.news games : garena free fire & pubg india downloadable, cost-free mobile apps are offered for these games. In this game, strategy is equally as important as shooting.

Two game genres are popular with players. Pubg and free fire are these. Each game has distinctive characteristics of its own that set it apart from others. Players in pubg must fight for their lives in this survival game. Players will be positioned all over the world, and they must persevere against all odds. Vehicles that can be employed in battle, such motorbikes and cars, are introduced in the game.

What exactly is rajkotupdates.news games: garena free fire & pubg india?

You can play pubg india or garena free fire, but you must also be current.

A well-liked search engine for garena fire and pubg india can be found on rajkotupdates.news.

You may get information on free fire and pubg with this search keyword. They offer information about pubg india and free fire every day. These are the facts that you ought to be aware of. Rajkotupdates.news for today: information about pubg india and garena fire is frequently accessed.

Reason behind rajkotupdates.news games : garena fire & pubg india banned

Players unknown battleground and garena free fire were recently outlawed in india for several reasons. However, there is no detailed information available regarding the causes of the ban on these two games. However, their use of violence and promotion of gambling are the most likely causes. Children were negatively impacted by the two games. Particularly kids were growing addicted to the games. The game can be utilized to make money off of the children who played it. Children had a high rate of addiction, which had an impact on their day-to-day activities.

Games on rajkotupdates.news: garena online game free fire & pubg india is quite well-liked. Due of its detrimental effects on children, it is so widely used in india that it has been outlawed. A well-known game called “free fire” has been outlawed in india. It has been said that one of the causes of the recent shootings in new Zealand, which left 50 people dead, was the sport. The Indian ministry of electronics and information technology (meity), in a notice dated march 22, 2019, requested that all platforms and app developers take “prompt actions” against such games. On Monday, the government outlawed 54 apps and issued the following statement: “these 54 applications are allegedly used to obtain various key permissions and to capture sensitive user data. Real-time data is received by numerous servers located in different countries.

“it is vital that we take real efforts towards guaranteeing secure digital environments for our citizens,” the meity statement said. Additionally, he asked that all businesses “plan a suitable response” to such content.

How to play rajkotupdates.news games: garena free fire & pubg india?

Garena free fire & pubg india is a brand-new battle royal game that is accessible for android and iOS devices, according to rajkotupdates.news. There are in-game purchases available, but the game is free to play. What you need know before playing the games on rajkotupdates.news, garena free fire and pubg india, is covered in this review.

You’ll need a garena account and an android or iOS device to get started. You can begin playing garena free fire once you have created an account and logged in. On google play or the app store, type “garena free fire” to find the game.

Once you’ve located the game, launch it and select “create account” from the menu in the upper right. You will receive a new account and a special id number as a result of doing this. You will be taken to the game’s main menu once you have typed in your id number and clicked the “create account” button.

Selecting your character should be your initial action. Soldier, ninja, and sniper are the three characters you can pick from. Every one of these figures has.

How to install and play pubg after being banned?

In india, pubg and the free fire are both prohibited. Trai has made the decision to outlaw 51 more apps in addition to pubg and garena free fire for a variety of reasons. These two games were mostly prohibited because they were charged with encouraging gambling and violence. Fans of pubg and free fire are now wondering if there is a way to play them again after the ban. If you guessed that you were one of them, you are correct; even after the ban, you can still play pubg.

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After the ban, players are looking for a way to continue playing pubg. And they are correct; there is a way for players to continue playing pubg and garena free fire. All you have to do is download the pubg OBB and APK from a website that downloads video games. Then from there, download the pubg OBB and APK. You can install the game and begin playing it after downloading both of the necessary files. It should be mentioned that playing free fire and pubg in india is currently prohibited. Furthermore, we do not advocate that anyone engage in any form of unlawful behavior.

Downloading and playing garena free fire after being banned

As everyone is aware, the telecom regulatory authority of india recently outlawed free fire and pubg. The entire ban on both games has now been formally confirmed. On rajkotupdates.news games, the story of the prohibition of these two games is trending. On the website rajkotupdates.news, you can find more updates on this subject. Games at rajkotupdates.news continually update the games news. The free fire players are currently looking for a way to continue playing free fire despite the prohibition. There is a way, nevertheless, for you to continue having fun with your favorite game.

The garena free fire game has lately been outlawed by the telecom regulatory authority (traid). Players are currently looking for a way to obtain free fire after being banned. They are unsure as to whether they will still be able to play free fire following the ban. Let us now dispel your confusion. Free fire max, the updated version of the software, is still available. So, free fire fans can continue to enjoy playing their preferred game on their gadget. Anyone can download free fire max from the play store because it is there.


The new smartphone rajkotupdates.news games: garena free fire & pubg india  has become quite popular online. We’ll go through the game’s main features in this post and provide you with a review so you can determine if it’s perfect for you. After reading this article, we hope you will have a clearer idea of what garena free fire is all about and whether or not it appeals to your interests as a type of game.

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