Time-Saving Tips for Writing a Dissertation by working 3 Hours per Day

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American artists said that two factors help in achieving big targets that include an effective plan and the other one is efficiency. Adding more, an American business tycoon Jim Rohn stated that there is a bridge between the targets and achievements. That bridge is discipline.

Writing a Dissertation is a time taking process. It includes different phases. The lengthy process of dissertation writing can be completed in a short period. The writer, during the study, needs to ensure the effective use of time. The time management tips can help the writer complete the dissertation by working just 3 hours per day.

Writing a Dissertation

There are different phases to Writing a Dissertation. These phases include the division of the dissertation into different chapters. These chapters mainly include Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Data Analysis, Data Interpretation, Discussion, and Conclusion.

Some other essential elements of the dissertation include the title page, header, footer, table of contents, list of figures and tables, appendices, and recommended style of reference list in alphabetical order.

Plan for Writing a Dissertation

Planning is considered the essential tool for effectively and efficiently completing any task. Therefore, before writing a Dissertation, the writer must make a comprehensive plan.

1.      Outline

The writer needs to make a comprehensive plan that aims to complete the dissertation. This may include the tentative timeline for completing different chapters in the study. The online dissertation writer must also consult with their respective supervisor or advisor regarding the plan to complete the study.

2.      Efficiently Start the Research

Most students and writers prefer to conduct comprehensive research at an initial stage. After the collection of massive raw data, the writer starts working. However, it is highly recommended that the writer must immediately start writing on the subject matter. It will help in rising unique points and formatting accurate hypothesis statements. At the same time, the students and writers who gathered massive data may need to alter their initial opinion or may face the challenges of irrelevant data collection.

It leads to spending extra time on research work to gather relevant data resources. However, the writers or students that start writing their studies before collecting raw data will build a solid argument in a particular direction.

3.      Submit First Draft Immediately

The student must complete a draft of the dissertation at the first stage. The first draft of the study may include the introduction and hypothesis of the study. The first draft needs to be one-fourth of the total study. However, there is no set word count or division of the word count.

The purpose of submitting the first draft to the advisor is to take assistance. The study advisor evaluates the study and recommends the required changes. Moreover, the advisor further guides the author regarding the effectiveness of the study.

4.      Address Feedback

The author of the study now addresses the feedback. Moreover, the advisor’s guidelines should also be followed according to the feedback. The guidelines and feedback from the study advisor will polish the dissertation.

5.      Follow Academic Guidelines

The student or author of the study needs to abide by all the academic guidelines of their respective educational institute. Violation of any guideline can lead to problems regarding the submission or even the completion of the dissertation.

The academic guidelines issued by the educational institution contain every detail. It contains the formats that may be used for the study. It also includes the referencing style purposed to be used for the study.

6.      Editing and Proofreading

The student or author of the study needs to ensure the process of editing and proofreading the final work. The editing and proofreading process helps the writer remove all the errors, omissions, and mistakes. Also, these can be in the flow of the study, presenting illogical statements, usage of vague statements, or typo mistakes are primary.

3 Hours Daily Work Must Comprise of

The writer or the student needs to allocate 3 hours a day for writing a Dissertation. The daily working schedule will include the completion of a specific task.

·         Define Word Limit for Every Day:

The task can be completing 6 pages in 3 hours or terms of word limit. The daily word limit can be set to 1500 words a day. This led to setting a weekly target.

·         Be Disciplined:

It is essential to maintain discipline. Discipline to adopt the schedule effectively will help make the plan of working 3 hours a day to complete the dissertation efficiently.

·         Setting Priorities:

The organised manner to complete a task is to set up a priority list. Then start completing the most important task first to the least important.

·         Introduction and Research Question:

The essential task of writing a Dissertation is about writing an introduction of the topic and the research question statement. The study’s introduction helps the researcher understand the concept and meaning of the subject matter.

The writer or student needs to develop a research question based on understanding the topic and personal knowledge and past experiences. The hypothesis statement sets the direction of the dissertation. Try to work on it 3 hours per day and complete it within 4 days and do conduct research so it is feasible. 

·         Conduct Proper Relevant Research:

Then the student or writer needs to do in-depth research work and prepare a survey or questionnaire. At this stage, the researcher also needs to finalise the research methodology.

·         Research Methodology and Data Analysis:

The appropriate selection of research methodology will lead to helpful research work. Then the research needs to analyse the raw data collection. The raw data collection needs to be used in different sections of the research work. The author must not compromise the logical flow of the study. After collecting the surveys or questionnaires, the author needs to analyse the data.

·         Conclusion:

Then finally, the author needs to use solid arguments to conclude the study. While writing the dissertation, it is the student’s responsibility to follow the academic guidelines.


Working 3 hours a day to complete a dissertation is a difficult task. This article presented a mechanism for completing the dissertation by working just 3 hours a day. However, the writer needs to understand and adopt the process of writing, planning, and prioritising the tasks to complete it. This process will be time-saving and effective in completing good research work.

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