Top Emerging and Latest Trends in Printing Industry

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In the past years, the overall printing sector has undergone a lot of revolution. Gradually, a total revolution is seen in the printing process. Nowadays, things have become incredibly easier, especially for the users. Not only that, but the overall experience has also transformed a lot.

One of the significant concerns experienced by printer owners across the globe includes the cost-effective printers which have the ability to produce high-quality prints. If you do not have a clear idea about the latest trends in the printing sector, then don’t worry as we have designed this guide in such a manner that will effectively clear all your related doubts. So, without wasting any further time, let’s move on to the detailed discussion:

There Will Be Penetration Of 3D Printing Into Various Sectors

It is one of the most recent trends in the digital printing sector. With the emergence of the web to print software, this particular trend is successfully running in the market. It is possible to create 3D objects by utilizing 3D printing or an additive manufacturing process.

3D printing technology tends to play a crucial role in different sectors. Again, 3D printing helps to simplify many internal processes which seems a bit challenging with 2D printing. So, all in all, it can be said that there is a huge opportunity for 3D printing to penetrate different sectors be it the manufacturing or even the medical industry.

Sheet Fed Digital Printing

It can be called a fairly new notion in the printing sector. Some of the well-known vendors like HP, Screen, Konica, Fujifilm, and Minolta have already adopted this particular trend.

Not only that, but they are also reaping a lot of amazing benefits out of it. So, it is predicted that the commercial printing firms would be highly benefitted from this type of digital printing. It is because this particular printing technique offers them the capability to print close to B2 (707 X 500 MM) sheets.

This would change how these companies are operating their business. But one of the important things to note in this aspect is that the digital printing cost is reducing as well as the format sizes are going up.

Erasable Printing Technology

The 1st prototype of the specific printing technology was exhibited by Japanese MNC Toshiba. With this particular technology, it is possible to erase all the contents automatically which are displayed on paper.

The idea of this emerged from the particular technology which is proposed for pilot pens. It can be regarded as a revolutionary technology as in this case, the users don’t have to be concerned about the inappropriate printing stuff. Just putting it back, especially into the printer is considered to be sufficient for the content to be erased.

The Demand for Affordable Printing Is On The Higher Side

An average printer user focuses mainly on the aspect of affordability. Modern-day printers come with sophisticated features and so, it is natural for the price to be high. But, one of the important things to note in this aspect is that the printing concept is not only limited to the workplaces, but currently, it has become an important part of our homes too.

Due to this particular reason, the manufacturers should necessarily come up with affordable printers for addressing the requirements of home-based consumers.

Security Printing

Almost every company operating in the printing sector tends to have this requirement. It is typically not possible for any organization to operate if they do not have a strict security system.  So, a lot of dramatic changes have presently put together in this aspect.

Owing to the rising number of risks, it has become extremely important to employ some tough moves which will work to improve the security aspects. A few new developments which are being put together in this aspect are unique links, biometrics, 2D barcoding, and advanced substrates.

Cloud Printing

Presently, some businesses have started to use this particular printing industry trend. However, there is still not a complete utilization of this trend. But, it is expected that this latest technology is going to be embraced by a rising number of individuals in the upcoming future times.

The best part about this cloud printing technology is that it offers them the capability to use their smartphones, computers, and tablets for carrying out various printing jobs.

Considering the benefits of this technique, recently, a rising number of companies aim to offer cloud printing services that will let your printers connect to the cloud servers. When you compare this form of printing with purchasing costly resources and servers, it is regarded as a cost-effective option to choose.

IoT Will Fuel the Print Security Spending

Cyber-attacks are exploiting IoT these days. So, the IoT-type security vulnerability on printers could prove to be highly dangerous. While maintaining security, there are many big challenges that companies usually come across. One such challenge is with a mixed fleet of printers both new and old.

Although the GDPR has presently driven certain improvements in print security, still many companies do not have an understanding of security hazards presented by MPS or multi-function printers. The attackers can get access to confidential information which are stored on print devices.

They can again use this info as particularly network access points which is much similar to other networked IoT devices.

The MPS providers typically focus on managing as well as maintaining print devices, especially through the cloud. Also, they consider putting out patches for ensuring security. A vendor can easily get to know about the vulnerabilities by utilizing patch management, especially through the cloud. And finally, they can fix the issues at the earliest.

So, the print manufacturers should focus on expanding their services so that, they incorporate assessment and monitoring, especially in threat intelligence in the future times. Thus, it is expected that a lot of the print service providers will take this aspect seriously and give it equal importance to the rest of the IT infrastructure.

Concluding Thoughts

Therefore, the above-discussed ones are some of the most recent trends in the printing sector that one should necessarily have a clear idea about. Some of the discussed trends are already implemented and some are expected to be implemented in the near future. The realm of printing is in a state of transformation and so, you will soon see the implementation of many other trends in this industry as well.

But the main aim of the developments which are made in the printing sector is to ensure high quality as well as affordable print outputs, if you wish to know more, then all that you need is to ask a professional print service provider. They will not only clear all your concerning doubts, but also offer you top-notch assistance by utilizing the best quality of print shop software. Contact them today to learn more. 

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