What Are The Attributes Of Good Software?

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It is not a simple process to create powerful software. Good software often necessitates rigorous attention to the software development process outlined below. The few steps of the software development process include planning, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, maintenance etc. While many software developers nowadays may overlook these seven steps, they are all required to create effective software.

What are the most essential attributes of good software?

Several attributes are linked with software products that represent the software’s quality. These characteristics have nothing to do with the software’s functionality. They mirror the source program’s structure and organization and any accompanying documentation while it is running. The following are the essential attributes of good software:


Examine the product’s durability to check if it can survive any condition. It should dependably produce the proper results. The performance of a project in varied working conditions and environments determines its reliability.


The product’s various versions should be simple to maintain. It should be simple to add code to an existing system, and it should be simple to upgrade to new features and technologies as they become available.

Maintenance should be both inexpensive and simple. For example, it’s simple to keep the system updated, repair errors, and make software updates.


This can be assessed in terms of usability. The application should be simple to use. It should be simple to grasp. The navigation should be straightforward.

The system should be able to:

  • Simple to use for input preparation, operation, and output interpretation.
  • Ensure that our other frequently used systems have the same user interface standards and practices.
  • The system is simple to learn for new or occasional users.


Cost concerns, technical obstacles, and behavioural concerns about porting can all be measured. The application’s functionality, internal calculations, and navigation should be correct. This implies that the app must adhere to the functional criteria.


It’s one of the most important aspects of a system’s quality. It is evaluated regarding how long it takes the system to complete a specific task. For example, the system should optimize CPU capability, disc space, and memory.

If the system consumes all available resources, the user’s performance will suffer, and the system will be deemed inefficient. If a system is ineffective, it cannot be used in real-time applications.

Integrity or Security

Integrity goes hand in hand with safety.  System security or  integrity  should be capable of preventing unauthorized access to system functions, software virus infection, and data loss, as well as to safeguard the privacy of data entered into the system.


It should be simple to test and detect flaws in the system. Furthermore, breaking it down into distinct modules for testing should be simple if required.


It should be adaptable enough to change. It can be adapted to work with other goods it needs to interface with. It should be simple to integrate with other common third-party components.


Software reuse is an excellent way to save money and effort in developing software. Classes in the code library should be flexible sufficient to be used in various application sections. Partition the application so that it can be used at any point during the task.


Thanks to interoperability, it should be simple for a product to communicate data or services with other systems. However, different system components must work with various operating systems, databases, and communication scenarios.


Using the quality attributes criteria listed above, we can decide whether the system meets the quality requirements.

The software has a lot of moving elements. Therefore, maintaining the greatest degree of quality at every stage of software development, from planning through implementation and delivery, is crucial.

We may determine whether the system meets the quality requirements using the quality attributes standards listed above.

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